How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

Mechanic Inspecting Brake Pads and Rotors


If you’re a driver in the Blackfoot area, it’s important to know how long do car brakes last. Typically, brakes last anywhere from 25,000-65,000 miles, however, your driving habits and conditions play a crucial role in the lifespan of your brakes. Therefore, the experts at Ron Sayer's Chrysler Jeep Dodge service center assembled a short overview explaining the lifespan of brakes, what affects the lifespan, and how to go about changing them. So, how many miles do brakes last? Let’s find out below!

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

Knowing “how many miles do brakes last?” is important for all Idaho Falls drivers. The typical lifespan of car brakes is anywhere from 25,000 and 65,000 miles. Due to the variety of factors that come into play, it is impossible to pinpoint an exact number. Depending on the brakes, they could last upwards of 65,000, sometimes even reaching 80,000 miles. We highly recommend consulting your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the recommended service intervals. Some services will include inspection of brake pads and even replacement if needed.

It’s always best to get your vehicle serviced at an OEM-certified service center, as the highly-trained service technicians will help keep your vehicle running smoothly. As a certified service center, we will take performance and torque calculations into consideration, along with other factors contributing to wear. Our technicians will use genuine OEM parts developed and engineered for your vehicle, providing better longevity and reliability.

What Affects the Life of a Brake Pad?

Brake pad wear is similar to calculating gas mileage, it depends on various factors including driving habits and environment. Let’s check out some of these factors below:

  • Driving Habits: You’re driving habits can significantly affect your brake pads. For example, if you coast to a stop and lightly tap the brake pedal, your brake pads are likely to last longer than if you pressed hard on the brake when coming to a stoplight etc. 
  • Environment: If you drive in a populated area with stop signs traffic lights, and congestion, you’re more likely to wear out your brakes sooner. On the other hand, if you frequently do highway driving, you’re brakes should last much longer.
  • Brake Pad Material: There are various types of brake pads to choose from, and carbon ceramic are the most durable, although they are significantly more expensive. If you opt for standard metallic brake pads, they will cost less but wear more rapidly. We recommend consulting your owner’s manual to be sure you’re purchasing the correct size brake pads for your vehicle.

Why Is My Car Shaking When I Hit the Brakes?

If you hit the brakes and the vehicle begins to shake, it is important to bring it in for service to ensure there are no serious issues with the braking system. Let’s go over a few of the most common reasons your vehicle shakes when you hit the brakes:

  • One or more of your tires are not round, and have a flat spot, also known as a “run out”
  • An unbalanced wheel
  • Your vehicle need an alignment
  • Suspension issues such as a damaged knuckle or a control arm that has come loose. 
  • Damaged axle shaft
  • Lug nuts are not properly secured and have come loose

We recommend that you bring your vehicle to us for maintenance if you have any brake issues. Our highly trained experts can help you determine what is wrong, and have you back out on the Pocatello roads quickly!

Get Your Brakes Checked and Serviced at Ron Sayer's Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Now that you know the answer to “how long do car brakes last?”, come visit the experts at our Ron Sayer's Chrysler Jeep Dodge service center near Rexburg for all your maintenance needs! Give us a call and schedule an appointment for service with us, and check out our service specials to save on your vehicle’s next maintenance cycle. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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