Are Winter Tires Worth It?

Winter tire wheels using 4WD


You’re probably a Blackfoot driver who’s got some questions about their car as winter is approaching. You are probably asking “are winter tires worth it?” and “do winter tires make a difference?” In short, if it gets cold where you live, you might want to consider winter tires. In certain other contexts, they’re an absolute necessity. Let Sayer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram guide you on winter tires and remember, if you’re in the market for genuine OEM parts, we’re your place to get them.

All Season Tires vs. Winter Tires

Most of the time, you’ll be driving what are called all season tires. The name seems pretty self-explanatory. These are tires for all seasons, right? Well, yes and no. All season tires will hold up 12 months of the year, but when it comes to the driving conditions that are optimal for those winter months, winter tires are just superior.

Winter tires have a different formulation than all season tires. The rubber in them is formulated in a special way. What advantages do winter tires give you compared to all season tires? And are winter tires worth it when you get down to it? See the facts here and decide for yourself:

  • Winter tires provide superior traction in the winter months. This is obviously true for icy conditions that give you a worse time stopping the car, but just cold temperatures in the absence of ice will give you superior traction and stopping power as well.
  • Winter tires prevent blowouts in those cold weather conditions. Trust us, you do not want a blowout on your hands. Not only is it a genuinely scary experience to not be in control of your car, you could get in an accident or worse.
  • Winter tires can easily be changed out by your service people at Sayer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We’re conveniently located in Idaho Falls, close to Pocatello and Rexburg.

Why Go with Sayer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram?

There are lots of places to get your tires. However, we have to recommend ourselves at Sayer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram because when you go with us, you’ll have access to tire experts who know your vehicle better than the person at the tire store will. We’re ready and waiting to help you out with any question you may have. Contact us today to learn more!

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