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Summer is here and temperatures are rising – and you’re already comparing the 2019 Dodge Charger vs 2019 Dodge Challenger. As the weather heats up, your car’s engine will need to work harder to get the car up to speed. Running your air conditioner puts even more strain on the engine, and thus your fuel economy will decrease even further. Did you know you might be getting robbed of your miles per gallon due to poor car maintenance? You can improve your fuel economy by simply giving your car the TLC it deserves. Basic maintenance is relatively low cost, and can increase your MPG to save you money at the pump. Not only will you save at the pump, but you can also prevent more costly repairs from happening down the line by simply maintaining your car, enabling you to focus on techier issues like how to reset your Uconnect system. Check out the following summer maintenance tips below and start saving today!

Check your battery

Making sure you check your battery regularly is important, because your battery provides the current your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM vehicle needs to start up reliably. Looking to learn more about how often to replace your car battery? Don’t hesitate to rely on our service experts for expert advice.

Replace your spark plugs
Spark plugs are an essential component of your car’s engine. Without these small parts, your engine won’t run, and if the spark plugs are worn out, your engine won’t provide optimal performance and fuel economy. Spark after spark, the engine’s spark plugs will wear out over time, which could lead to misfiring and detonation, which both cause you to waste fuel without your knowledge. New spark plugs are very affordable and can help you gain back lost performance and efficiency.

Change your oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. Without oil, your engine will get destroyed by internal friction and heat. Dirty oil is thick and less efficient at lubricating engine components. After 30,000 miles or more of cycling through your car’s engine, the oil can get pretty dirty. Simply getting your oil changed can return some lost miles per gallon, which will save you money at the pump and spare you from future engine failure.
Properly inflate your tires
The tires are what keep your car on the ground. When your tires are not inflated properly, they won’t perform their best or provide optimal fuel economy. Low tire pressure will increase grip, but decrease fuel efficiency. Over-inflated tires can return better fuel economy, but at the sacrifice of safety and handling. When your tires are properly inflated, you’ll save money at the pump and on new tires. Improperly inflated tires can adversely affect your tire wear without you knowing until you have to replace them. By simply inflating your tires to the correct pressure, your wallet will thank you later.
Check your air filter
Another fuel-waster is a dirty air filter. Air filters are meant to trap dirt, dust, and anything else that gets sucked into the air box as you’re driving down the road. When the filter gets filthy, it blocks airflow to the engine which is needed to provide you with optimal performance and efficiency. Air filters are low cost and easy to replace. The benefits of a clean filter outweigh the small price of a new air filter.
If you haven’t been up-to-date with your vehicle maintenance, it may be time to bring it in to Ron Sayer's Chrysler Jeep Dodge for service. Contact our Service Department or schedule a service appointment online. Visit our dealership in Idaho Falls, ID for the best deals on service, parts, and new and used vehicles today!

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